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100% Live Link Guarantee


If for any reason your link or article goes down, we’ll investigate and make sure it gets back online absolutely free of charge.


Express Delivery


Your links will be live within 7 to 14 days from the date of order.

Affordable & Efficient


This budget alternative provides the same level of security and customization as our premium service, but low-cost.

100% Unique


100% CopyScape passed, our articles are manually written, well-formatted and include various niche-related images and extra authority links.

How Does It Work

Just a few clicks away


We Write a 100% Unique Article

Our writers write a 100% unique, CopyScape passed article that is well-formatted with images relevant to your niche. They also add various links which point to other niche-related sites that rank high in Google (co-citation, optional feature)

We Search the Best PBN Domains

We search for the best PBN domain to post your article to. Then, we get in touch with the owner and liaise all the requirements.

You get a 100% Hand-Written Article

Once live, we make sure the article has all the requirements followed. If there are problems, we further negotiate. If not, you get a low-cost, unique and relevant article with a link to your site!

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Unique Features

Features that make us stand out

Flexible Orders Configurator

You can select all the metrics you need, according to your preference: 

  • Preferred Metric (DR/TF)
  • Images in article
  • (co-citation feature)


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Orders History Import

You can easily import any old links to our . This will enable: 

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  • Our Orders Tracking interface
  • The Process is Fast & Easy

Affordable PBN Article Submission

Best for: low priority sites, Tier 2 link building, Tier 1 link indexation, SEO strategies testing, Churn & Burn sites, anchor text diversification

Best Seller Diversifier Article

Diversifier Article

DA: 10- 20/m Delivery: 1 - 2 weeks
  • Domain Authority 2.0
  • 100% Hand Written
  • Unlimited DR/TF (configurable)
  • Unique IP & WHOIS
  • Permanent Link
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Best Seller Diversifier 2 Article

Diversifier 2 Article

DA: 20- 50/m Delivery: 1 - 2 weeks
  • Domain Authority 2.0
  • 100% Hand Written
  • Unlimited DR/TF (configurable)
  • Unique IP & WHOIS
  • Permanent Link
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QualityGuestPosts - Payment Methods

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Diversifier (PBN) packages are the weapon of choice when you're on a tight budget and don't want to spend extra resources on low-priority sites. 

Here is a list of all the use cases of the Diversifier packages: 

  1. Tier 2 link building - (sending more power to your Tier 1 links)
  2. Tier 1 link indexation (speeding up/helping with the indexing of your Tier 1 links)
  3. Testing new SEO strategies (incredible powerful way to safely test new SEO tactics)
  4. Churn & Burn SEO projects
  5. Anchor Text Diversification (diversifying your link profile with low risk links like generic links, naked links, non-keyword related phrases, etc. )
  6. Low Priority Sites Tier 1 link building (e.g. Tier 1 link building for non-client websites)

The service is equivalent to the Blogger Outreach one in structure, with a few notable differences:

  1. The article will be posted on a PBN domain (that we don’t own)
  2. The writing quality is much lower than with the standard packages (but still 100% CopyScape passed)
  3. The execution time is much shorter (1-2 weeks)
  4. The packages are much cheaper


If you're looking for our high-quality, traffic-based packages, take a look at our Guest Posting Service page or our Blogger Outreach Service page.

We don't show the PBN domains, but you can choose the preferred metric from the Orders Configurator, so our team can prioritize domains with high DA, DR or TF. 

Our Orders Specialists are very strict about any custom requirements you might have, so make sure you describe exactly what you need when you order. 


Once you proceed with the order, you'll find the option to select your preferred metric. For PBNs, the following metrics are available: 

  • Domain Authority (DA by SEOMoz)
  • Domain Rating (DR by Ahrefs)
  • Trust Flow (TF by Majestic)

Note that if you're looking for sites that have organic Google traffic, you should take a look at our Blogger Outreach Service

Of course. As long as you tell us what went wrong! 

We allow only 1 money site link per article, which allows us to employ various --log in to view-- . 


You can find examples on this page

It depends on how you use them and where.

For example, there's a bigger risk when building Tier 1 links with exact match keywords. Building Tier 2 links with non-commercial anchors, however, is considered very low risk. (SEO is never 100% risk free)

Having said that, here's a bit more information on the topic. 

In general, using PBN domains is considered risky, because you depend on the PBN owner's knowledge of footprints avoidance. For example, if you purchase 5 PBN articles on 5 domains with the same IP address or WHOIS record, Google will just ignore these links. 

But on the other hand, the cost of these articles can't be ignored, nor the speed of building them. Not all links need to be editorial, and that's why we've created this service. 



Please note that QGP doesn't own any PBN networks or sites. 

Here's what we use them for in our own SEO campaigns: 

  • T2 link building - (sending more power to your Tier 1 links)
  • Tier 1 link indexation (speeding up/helping with the indexing of your Tier 1 links)
  • Anchor Text Diversification (diversifying your link profile with low risk links like generic links, naked links, non-keyword related phrases, etc. )
  • Testing new SEO strategies (incredible powerful way to safely test new SEO tactics)
  • Churn & Burn SEO projects

What Our Clients Say

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Greg Morrison

SEO Coach & Founder at OMG Machines

Kosta's service is my go to for outreach link building. I have probably done close to 6 figures in orders with him personally and have recommended him to hundreds of my most important customers. Because I have over 1,000 websites and constantly run tests, Kosta took my feedback and data and implemented it into his service to make it the most powerful of its kind out there, and only increasing in power as time goes on because of the things he is doing behind the scenes; which I can't talk about 🙂 This is one of my biggest secret weapons for SEO today.

5/5 Customer Rating

Nick Mann

I'm impressed with QualityGuestPosts. They have been my go-to vendor for my guest post links because of the time and quality of the guest posts I receive from them. These guest posts are always niche relevant with traffic going to them and that's what makes them so powerful in our linking strategies. The reasons our clients love us is because we get them results and Quality Guest Posts definitely helps us with that! Don't just believe me, get a couple guest posts and test them yourself.

5/5 Customer Rating

Daniel Bumba

"Huge thanks to Kosta and his team for the services they deliver. They know the online marketing/SEO game pretty well plus their customer support has always been top notch. I highly recommend them!"

5/5 Customer Rating

Darren Smith

I have tried several other companies to help my client's website increase in rankings. Kosta's service has been hands down the best and most effective. From providing a great product to fit my specific needs to having an incredible customer service staff, I have always felt valued as a customer and helped from his services. I would highly recommend using his services.

5/5 Customer Rating

Pratik Jain

QualityGuestPosts.com truly live up to its name. I have used lots of guest post services in the past but no other service comes close to what Kosta and his team offers here! High-quality relevant sites with quick delivery time for every order placed here! The order fulfillment and support team makes sure each guest post gets delivered as desired and if at all there are any issues they are prompt to resolve the same.

5/5 Customer Rating

Ryan Hoek

Quality Guest Posts is an integral part of my business. They are the highest quality guest post providers I know of and the most knowledgeable. If you're not using them you are definitely behind the times with SEO.

5/5 Customer Rating

Shane Welcher

Kosta and the team at Quality Guest Post have helped me rank all of my websites on page one, helping me turn a broken business into a great success. I highly recommend them, I have used this service for two years now.

5/5 Customer Rating

Dillion Sidelinker

Kosta and his team over at QualityGuestPosts truly set themselves apart from the competition. From the ease of ordering to the timely deliveries, they have it down. They're my go to when it comes to ordering high quality guests post and they're the company I always recommend when asked about my favorite guest posting service. Kosta and his team have greatly helped to make my life (and job) that much easier!

5/5 Customer Rating

Carlos Miskinis

I've tested quite a few guest posting services to develop my internal linking processes and I can very confidently say that nobody is even close to Kosta's service. Link delivery is always on time, the guest post quality is phenomenal, all links are posted on quality websites and the team at Quality Guest Posts always over-delivers. The reality is, if you really care about your SEO, choosing Quality Guest Posts will be the smartest decision you will make. This comes from someone who has 4 years of experience in the industry. Believe me, the only problem you'll have is that you didn't order more. I'm a customer for life.

5/5 Customer Rating

Bruce Paulson

Quality Guest Posts is the best way for me to get great links on quality sites for my clients and myself. What Kosta has built, is not only a top notch product, it's an entire customer service experience. No other service has this level of communication. This level of white glove service doesn't happen by accident, it's the result of Kosta working to build a great , that delivers powerful results. If you're looking for a premium outreach service, you won't find one better than Quality Guest Posts.

5/5 Customer Rating

Bill Raup

I have been using Quality Guest Posts for more than a year. I can not be more pleased with the high quality of the posts and how these posts rank my niche clients. It is the best guest posting service in the industry. Kosta and his staff provide outstanding customer service and get back to you very quickly if you email them. I only used Kosta services for guest posting for my clients, and I highly recommend Quality Guest Posting. I have not found better guest posting service and high-quality posts anywhere!

5/5 Customer Rating

Scott Smith

Director at Scott.Services

I honestly can't say enough good things about Kosta's services. First off, the support and help from Kosta and his team are second to none. Friendly, fast, knowledgeable and extremely helpful, a delight to work with. Now to the quality of the backlinks, the guestpost links are just amazing. The ability to set your focus on either more traffic based metrics or more DA etc is brilliant and the power of these links pack a very powerful punch. I've never felt so empowered to help clients businesses (as well as my own) by having Kosta's links in our strategy. Highly recommended.

5/5 Customer Rating

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