How is this blogger outreach service different ?

A quality guest posting service requires a few things done right. First,

The Content. It needs to be 100% manual, written by English native speakers. Second,

The Formatting - headers, images, links and locations. You can spot a low-quality guest blog service by its content - lack of images, lack of formatting, only 1 link to money site. This doesn't look natural and will only get a penalty. Third,

The Sites. The best guest blogging services have established connections with real sites & blogs with traffic around the world. And last, but not least -

The Suport. Our support is just better. We have a live chat working US business hours, available for immediate assistance. We have also developed a custom Orders Tracking System, that will allow you to track the exact status of your orders in real time.

What if I have custom requirements?
That shouldn't be a problem, just get in touch with us and we'll gladly assist and come up with a solution.

What type to choose – PBN or Blogger Outreach?

What is a PBN?
PBN stands for Private Blog Network. It's an SEO strategy, aimed at providing full control over the link building process by building a network of sites, instead of manually searching and negotiating with individual bloggers. PBNs dont have real traffic and audience, but they increase Google rankings and are much cheaper than manual blogger outreach.

What is Blogger Outreach?
Blogger outreach is the process of manually searching for quality blogs, then negotiating and liaising with their owners. This is a more expensive, but higher quality blogger outreach service, that provides links on sites with real traffic and audience. It's great for both SEO and direct brand exposure.

So which one to choose?
If you want to increase Google rankings, both. Blogger Outreach is always better, but PBNs do have their place in any SEO campaign, as long as there are no footprints, the content is unique and the links inside are diversified. At QualityGuestPosts, we have a unique Anti Footprints System in place, that makes sure all the articles we provide are footprint-free (they will have only unique IPs and WHOIS records).

The Diversifier packages are extremely useful for diversifying the anchor text ratio of your clients' link profile. Naked links, generic links, as well as general non keyword-related anchor texts increase the natural look of the link profile, allowing you to target your main keywords with the really quality sites - our Blogger Outreach packages.